Go-Boy: Memories of a Life Behind Bars (Video)


This film captures Roger “Mad Dog” Caron — one of North America’s most notorious bank robbers — extraordinary journey to redemption.

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#9629   Roger “Mad Dog” Caron was one of North America’s most notorious bank robbers. Over his career, Roger was involved in 75 bank heists, spent 24 years in prison, and made history by escaping an incredible 13 times. However, it was while living under the violent conditions of the Kingston Penitentiary that he discovered a new way to escape: through the power of his words. Roger began writing intensely detailed accounts of his life behind bars, eventually publishing his work. His exposé of the brutality and depravity of the prison system went on to win him Canada’s prestigious Governor General’s Award. This film captures Roger’s extraordinary journey to redemption. 53 minutes. 2019.

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