Getting the Job You Really Want Series (DVDs) (6-7th Edition)


This comprehensive set of DVDs takes students step-by-step through every phase of the job search, plus keeping the job!

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#3917  Getting the Job You Really Want Series takes students step-by-step through every phase of the job search, plus keeping the job!
The series teaches viewers how to identify what they want in a job, find the job, interview successfully, negotiate pay, keep the job, and advance in their career. Also included are interviews with leading career experts, such as Laurence Shatkin, John Liptak, Wendy Enelow, and others.


This series is designed to work with the workbook Getting the Job You Really Want.

Viewing time: approximately 25 minutes each. Subtitled. 2011..

Can purchase separately for $139.00 each by clicking on the titles below. SPECIAL: The complete series of 10 programs for $1,015.00. SUPER SPECIAL: Purchase 25 copies of the workbook ($33.95 each) and the 10-DVD program for $1,749.00. Online Instructor Resource Guide available (call 703-361-7300 for details on purchasing and accessing this third party product).

The series includes:
  • Introduction: Getting the Life You Really Want – Viewers learn how their career choices will affect their lives. The program asks various questions the job seekers might not have considered. It also introduces the other nine videos in the series.
  • Getting to Know What an Employer Wants – Viewers learn the skills, attitudes, and personality traits that all employers expect of their workers, regardless of industry.
  • Getting to Know Your Skills – Helps viewers take an inventory of all their skills so they will know which ones to emphasize throughout their job search.
  • Getting to Know Your Job Objective – This video discusses the most important points to consider when forming a job objective. With a more focused goal in mind, viewers will be better prepared to embark on their job search.
  • Getting Organized to Find a Job – Viewers learn the importance of getting organized before starting their job search. In addition, they will learn about the importance of job applications, which is often a necessary first step in the job search process.
  • Getting a Job With Traditional and Nontraditional Job Search Methods – There are many different ways to uncover job leads. Also, there are many people who can help you, if you know what to ask them.
  • Getting and Using Your Resume, Cover Letter, JIST Card, and Portfolio – Gives viewers suggestions for making the most of these tools and suggests resources for even more help.
  • Getting a Positive Response in Each of the Seven Interview Phases – Viewers explore the seven phases of an interview: before the interview, opening moves, the interview itself, closing the interview, following up, negotiating salary, and final decision.
  • Getting Good Answers to Tough Interview Questions – Students learn how to answer some of the trickiest interview questions they may face, and master different techniques that can help them through a stressful interview process.
  • Getting to Keep the Job You Find – Now it’s time to go to work. Viewers learn what it takes to be successful and advance in their new career.




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