Getting Out of the Game: The Trap of Drug Dealing (DVD)


This program features a support group for people facing the temptation to return to dealing.

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#4695  Money, power, respect, popularity, and glamour seem to come easy for drug dealers, especially for young addicts who hustle drugs along the slippery slope to addiction, prison, and death. This DVD program features a support group led by Hector and Curtis, former drug dealers now working as professionals in addiction treatment. A group of ex-dealers grapple with several important real-life issues:


  • Financial stress
  • Relationships with old friends
  • Stinkin’ thinkin’ about dealing and using
  • Delusional mindsets — “We won’t get caught again!”


The participants share thoughts, tools, and techniques that have helped them stay out of the game, including:


  • Valuing family above the street life
  • Learning to be patient
  • Using a support group
  • Having a positive focus or goal
  • Learning to use their street skills to hustle legit
  • Understanding the negative impact on the community
  • Valuing earned money above illegal money


Includes free Counselor’s Guide with reproducible client worksheets. 2006. 35 minutes. $225.00. SPECIALS: 5 copies for $999.00; 10 copies for $1,849.00




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