Get A Raise in 7 Days: 10 Salary Savvy Steps to Success


Here’s the step-by-step book that outlines exactly what to do and say in order to get raises and promotions.

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ISBN:  978-1-57023-099-8

By Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.Ds

#9750  Forget all those tempting and risky change your job, start-your-own-business, and personal investment books. Most people like their current jobs, but they would like to make more money doing what they enjoy doing. They agree with this basic fact of economic life – their salary has not kept pace with inflation nor the salaries of newly hired employees. Many are falling behind in the compensation game. After a decade of downsizing, re-engineering, outplacement, and cost-cutting, employees increasingly want to catch up by negotiating better salaries with their bosses.

But how do you approach your boss about a raise or promotion? When should you meet, what should you say, and how do you present your best case to your employer? Here’s the step-by-step book that outlines exactly what to do and say in order to get raises and promotions. This rich and innovative how-to resource includes:

  • 20 salary myths and realities you need to know
  • 13 compensation trends that may affect you
  • 10 steps to a higher salary or promotion
  • 10 key questions to ask about your boss
  • 8 sources for identifying what you’re really worth
  • 6 compensation enhancement options to base pay
  • 3-minute “Perfect Salary Pitch” and 1-page “Talking Paper”
  • sample dialogues for setting the agenda and negotiating salary
  • tips on handling objections, incentivizing pay, and much more

Filled with practical tips on how you can best talk money to power and come out a winner. In today’s economy, salary raises encompass a host of standard and creative compensation options, from base pay to benefits and perks. Make sure you know what you’re really worth and clearly communicate your value to your boss. Don’t go into your next salary review meeting without first examining this key resource for talking money with those who have the power to improve your financial future! 205 pages. 1999. $14.95


  1. The Truth About Job Money
  2. Welcome to the New World of Work
  3. Test Your Salary I.Q. and Compensation Value
  4. Your Seven Day Success Plan
  5. Analyze Your Situation
  6. Know What You’re Really Worth
  7. Consider Your Options
  8. Develop a Strategy for Talking Money to Power
  9. Schedule a Timely Meeting
  10. Structure the Situation
  11. Develop a 3-Minute “Perfect Salary Pitch”
  12. Anticipate Objections to Your Pitch
  13. Close and Follow Up With Impact
  14. Then Do What You’re Worth


“There’s a lot more to asking for a raise than many of us think, and this book will help you improve upon your deficiencies.”
Career Opportunities News

“If you want large salary increases in your current job, read…Get a Raise in 7 Days.



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