Get a Job! A Guide for Teens (DVDs)


This series of DVDs, using real teens and real professionals, was developed to meet the needs of counselors and career instructors. Teens learn about how to search for a job, keep a job, and handle their paycheck.

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This series of DVDs, using real teens and real professionals, was developed to meet the needs of counselors and career instructors. Each program is complete in itself and is approximately 20 minutes in length. 2004. Suitable for middle-high school. Can purchase separately for $59.00; $265.00 for the 5-DVD series. Please see the Product Options box above when ordering.
The series helps students:
  • Increase awareness of personal interests and skills
  • How to write a resume
  • Where to look for a job
  • How to apply for a job
  • How to have a successful interview
  • Keep a job
  • Understand their paycheck
  • Learn how to budget
Titles are:
  • Where Do I Fit In? – Teens need to understand the world of work and how they can fit into the future workforce. People do best at what they enjoy and do well. So, how do teens gather information about themselves? To do this, they must look at their interests, goals and values, preferred activities, lifestyle, and personality. Also, how does school fit into the equation?
  • The Easy Way to Write a Resume – A resume has about 20 seconds to grab a prospective employer. Writing a resume is one of the most difficult tasks a person must do and must be done well. The process is given in simple steps: Information Gathering: Writing an Objective Statement; How to Take Real Life Experiences and Translate them into Job Skills; How to Sell Yourself by Using Power words; Tips for a Polished Resume, Meeting Your Goals and Cover Letters.
  • The How To’s of Looking and Applying for Jobs – Various job hunt techniques are covered: networking with family and friends, classifieds, Internet, and the common technique of dropping in on a company to ask if they have any openings. Using the phone, computer, and word of mouth are also important when looking for a job. This DVD also reviews how to fill out an application, mailing out resumes, make follow-up calls, selecting references, and keeping records during the job hunt.
  • Successful Interviewing: The Do’s and Don’ts – A job interview can be the most crucial 15 minutes in a job search. And, it is usually the most anxious 15 minutes. The interview is the culmination of hard work. Students learn the right and wrong ways to interview, including how to dress, greeting people, being on time, and how to answer the obvious questions like tell me about yourself.
  • Teens at Work and Money Management – How to keep a job is broken down into simple rules: be on time, know what is expected of you (and ask questions if you dont know), work hard, dont gossip, dress appropriately, and do your best. This DVD also helps young people understand their financial goals, which will help them budget and plan what to do with their money instead of spending it and always being broke.


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