Generation Now (DVD)


This program discusses parental neglect, a major problem affecting today’s youth.

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Parental neglect is a major problem affecting today’s youth. In this provocative and timely program, viewers meet Nil, Siah, Zero, and Electra, a group of average young people from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, all of whom are struggling with issues of absentee parenting, apathy, and lack of emotional support from family and community.

This film shows the impact of emotional neglect on children. Parents who emotionally neglect their children do not spend much time with them. They don’t give much affection through hugs, kisses, and praise. They constantly put down, criticize, or berate their children, and/or don’t praise, respect, encourage, or support them regularly.

When children don’t feel loved, they develop low self-esteem, which leads to future unhealthy coping mechanisms such as self-harm, substance abuse, or delinquency.

Young people need someone to talk to about their goals, hopes, and problems. When parents help their children meet these goals, they protect them from harmful relationships. Parents clearly play a pivotal role in shaping their children’s values and goals.

This DVD consists of six 15-minute segments, with discussion questions at the end of each segment. Suitable for pre-teens, teens, and parents.




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