From Parole to Payroll: The Job Interview (for ex-offenders) (Revised Edition) (DVD & SV)


The interview is the most crucial stage in the job search process for the ex-offender.

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#4344   What are the most common mistakes ex-offenders make in interviewing for a job? What can the parolee do to answer difficult questions relating to his or her past?

This program is designed to help prepare job candidates to make the most of their meetings with prospective employers. Topics in this program include:

  • dressing for success
  • using body language to convey positive messages
  • clearly articulating pertinent skills and abilities
  • coping with difficult questions
  • negotiating salary and benefits

In English, with English-language subtitles. Viewing time: 25 minutes. 2008.

This item is part of the From Parole to Payroll series. Viewing time: 25 minutes. Closed-captioned.  © 2008.


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