From Parole To Payroll: A Process of Persistence (DVDs & SVs)


As most ex-offenders will testify, finding a job is one of the most difficult and important steps toward building a new and productive life.

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#4120  Our most popular ex-offender re-entry series. As most ex-offenders will testify, finding a job is one of the most difficult and important steps toward building a new and productive life. How do you sell yourself? How do you make the most of what many employers see as a devastating mistake? Do you tell them you spent time in prison? Where do you even begin looking for a job?

This revised comprehensive video/workbook series contains solid, real-world content designed to help job seekers find satisfying work, and includes informative interviews, helpful tips, and colorful graphics.

Consists of three videos, each running 25 minutes. Closed-captioned. © 2008. Can purchase each video separately. SPECIALS: $299.95 for the 3-video set (DVD or 3-year Streaming Video Subscription) and workbook (The Ex-Offender’s Job Search Companion: Getting a Good Job Despite Your Record); $449.00 for DVD + 3-year Streaming Video Subscription; $179.95 for any DVD + 3-year Streaming Video Subscription.

  • Finding a Job
    This program examines the many job-hunting methods available to those seeking employment, with specific tips and pointers directed to ex-offenders entering the workforce. Interviews with employment specialists, ex-offender service providers, and employed ex-offenders provide suggestions on the best and quickest ways to find work and get ahead. Job search methods covered include want ads, employment services, networking, information interviewing, and using the Internet and the yellow pages. Click HERE to view a video clip.
  • Resumes and Job Applications
    This program demonstrates how resumes and job applications can be used effectively to find satisfying employment. Popular types of resumes are presented, with an emphasis on those that are more effective for ex-offenders. In addition, specific ways to incorporate prison education programs and to handle time gaps in employment history are discussed. Resumes and job applications are vital job-hunting resources, so having skill in preparing them can make a real difference. Click HERE to view a video clip.
  • The Job Interview
    What mistakes do ex-offenders commonly make during a job interview? This program is designed to help prepare job candidates to make the most of their meetings with prospective employers. Topics in this thorough job-hunting tool include dressing for success, using body language to convey positive messages, clearly articulating pertinent skills and abilities, coping with difficult questions, and negotiating salary and benefits. Click HERE to view a video clip.

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