Field Guides to Finding a New Career (series)


All-in-one guides to navigating toward a new career. This 10-volume set of books should be on the career shelves of every library or career center! An all-in-one guide to navigating toward a new career.

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The want or need for a career change can happen at any point in life. These books explore exciting career fields and provide readers with the necessary tools to transition to a new job.

The series also addresses the specific concerns of changing careers for different age groups.

Features include:
  • “Career Compasses” – tools that help identify skills or qualities needed to succeed in that career field
  • “Destination” – a brief overview of the career
  • “You Are Here” – A short set of self-assessment questions to locate the proper starting point for getting into this career field
  • “Navigating the Terrain” and “Organizing Your Expedition” – advice on ways to reach career goals
  • “Landmarks” – specific advice tailored to readers in their 20s to 50s and older
  • “Essential Gear” – tips for career changers
  • “Notes From the Field” – interviews with professionals in the field
  • “Further Resources” – a list of further information and trade organizations

This 10-volume set of books should be on the career shelves of every library or career center. Available in hardcover or softcover. 176-184 pages each. Includes index, appendices, sidebars, websites, and interviews. 7 x 9. 2009. Individual titles are described below.

$39.95 for a single hardcover volume; $16.95 for one softcover volume. SPECIAL: $379.95 for the hardcover series; $154.95 for the softcover series.

  1. Advertising, Sales, and Marketing – Careers profiled include advertising creative director, advertising executive, copywriter, graphic designer, marketing manager, media designer, sales representative. 2009.
  2. Arts and Entertainment – Careers profiled include actor, choreographer/fight director, critic, editor, fashion designer, graphic/fine artist, makeup artist/hair and wig stylist, musician/music supervisor, photographer, writer. 2009.
  3. Education – Careers profiled include college instructor, guidance counselor or school counselor, language or ESL teacher, librarian, private or public school teacher, special education teacher, tutor, university administrator. 2009.
  4. Film and Television – Careers profiled include agent, camera technician, director, editor, location scout, producer, script consultant, visual effects artist, wardrobe specialist, writer. 2009.
  5. Food and Culinary Arts – Careers profiled include baker, bartender, dietician/nutritionist, food stylist, restaurant chef, restaurant manager, restaurant reviewer, winemaker/brewer. 2009.
  6. Health Care – Careers profiled include dental hygienist, nurse, occupational therapist, optician, pharmaceutical sales representative, pharmacist, physical therapist, physician assistant. 2009.
  7. Information Technology – Careers profiled include computer programmer, computer repair technician, computer software engineer, computer systems analyst, cyber security specialist, database administrator, forensic computing specialist, network administrator, systems engineer. 2009.
  8. Internet and Media – Careers profiled include animator, e-business specialist, game designer, web designer, web producer, web publicist/blogger, webmaster. 2009.
  9. Nonprofits and Government – Careers profiled include communications manager, fundraiser, grant administrator, legal advisor, lobbyist, project manager, publicist, researcher, trainer. 2009.
  10. Outdoor Careers – Careers profiled include adventure travel guide, farmer, fishing vessel operator, forester, horse trainer, horticulturalist/garden designer, outdoor sports instructor, rancher. 2009.




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