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Inside information on getting chosen for and succeeding in one of the toughest, most prestigious jobs in the world

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By Joseph W. Koletar

In the three years after the September 11th attacks, 150,000 people applied to be Special Agents in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Only 2,200 got the job. The FBI Career Guide reveals strategies that radically increase the odds of getting hired, and which will prepare agents for a challenging, rewarding career at the Bureau. This ultimate insider’s guide looks at:

  • the application process
  • the training of new agents
  • field office and foreign assignments
  • pay, benefits, and career opportunities
  • educational and career decisions that improve the odds of being hired
  • how investigations, undercover and SWAT team operations, and specialty assignments work
  • and much more
Readers will also learn how the job might affect them and their families, how to plan their career and climb the ladder, and even prepare for life after the Bureau. Above all, they’ll find out what it takes to succeed – and how to show they’ve got it. 224 pages. 2006.



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