Expert Q&A Advice on 239 Job and Career Fields: The Ultimate Collection of Career Exploration DVDs and Streaming Videos


These timely and innovative Q&A DVDs include professional insights from experts who explain career paths and give advice on everything from breaking into the field to outlining the biggest challenges for workers.

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#8103  Make the Occupational Outlook Handbook and other career exploration tools come alive with these timely and innovative Q&A DVDs on alternative jobs and careers. Includes many new jobs and careers not previously examined, such a Drone Pilots, Bloggers, and Search Engine Optimization Specialists. Each DVD includes professional advice and insights from experts in the particular job and career field – explains career path, identifies changes over past 10 years, explains what most people do in the job/career, reveals keys to success, gives candid advice on breaking into the field, outlines biggest challenges, and more. 10-20 minutes each. 2015-2021. Can purchase DVDs or 3-year streaming video subscriptions separately for $49.95 each ($89.95 for both DVD and streaming video subscription). SPECIALS: Complete set of 239 DVDs or 239 streaming videos for $11,269.00 (239 DVDs + 3-year streaming video for $20,999.00). SPECIAL CUSTOMIZED SETS: select any combination of 10 DVDs for $469.00 (10 DVDs + streaming video subscriptions for $879.00); 25 DVDs for $1,199.00 (25 DVDs + streaming video subscriptions for $2,199.00); 50 DVDs for $2,429.00 (50 DVDs + streaming video subscriptions for $4,699.00). Call 1-800-361-1055 to place individual title and customized sets orders. ORDER NOTE: Please specify titles you wish to order in the checkout section.

Many of the latest videos include additional information on career fields, such as:

  • Building a Bigger and Better Network
  • Tips for Working with a New Boss
  • The Art of Salary Negotiation
  • How to Prepare for a Skype Interview
  • 3 Body Language Tips that Will Help You Succeed in an Interview
  • Tips for a Successful Phone Interview
  • 4 Strategies for Nailing the Video Interview
  • Get Your Interviewer to Like You
  • 3 Behaviors That Will Help You Get Promoted
  • Strength vs. Passion: What Makes a Dream Job?
  • Answering “Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job?”
  • Your Job Search Is a Business
  • Details You Must Include in Your Interview Thank You Note
  • This Cover Letter Trick Will Make Hiring Managers Read to the End
  • How to Reduce Interview Stress
  • Selling Yourself in Your Cover Letter
  • How to Turn Down an Offer When You’ve Accepted Another
  • How to Ask for a Raise
  • 3 Tips for Interviewing for a New Job on the Sly
  • How to Answer the “Why Do You Want to Work for Us?” Interview Question
  • How to Make Small Talk Before Your Interview




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