Expert Job Search Strategies (DVDs)


Job seekers get expert advice from this three-program series on their job search, including career planning, resumes, and interviewing.

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This three-DVD series helps job seekers understand the importance of creating a career plan, how to develop a resume that gets noticed by employers, and how to succeed in the job interview.

Suitable for adults aged 18-30. English-language subtitled. Can purchase each separately for $149.00. Available in DVD format only. Each DVD is approximately 15 minutes in length. 2007.

  • Career Plans and Goals – Viewers examine how to get the most from their jobs or careers, what they want to do, what they are passionate about, what they value, what success means to them.

  • Resume Realities – Viewers learn from experienced professionals how to put together a great resume, what to include, and what not to include in it.

  • Interview Techniques – This program gives advice on different techniques job seekers can use during their job interview that can help give them an edge over the competition. Viewers learn what to wear, how to prepare before the interview, and how to conduct themselves during the interview.
Download the accompanying free Instructor’s Guide for each of these three programs:

Career Plans and Goals (4 pages)

Resume Realities (5 pages)

Interview Techniques (4 pages)




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