Everyday Character Development Video Series (SVs & DVDs)


Informative five-video series helps teenagers and adults understand how daily behavior affects their future and presents simple, everyday ways to improve their character.

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#3592  This informative five-video series shows viewers how daily behavior shapes their future. Viewers learn how to deal with peer pressure, and the program presents simple, everyday ways to improve their character.

27-30 minutes each. 2000. Suitable for high school and adults. Available in DVD format only. PURCHASE OPTIONS: $99.95 each, or $499.75 for the set (DVDs or 3-Year Streaming Video Subscription; $929.95 for DVDs + Streaming Videos.

  • Everyday Decision-Making (27 minutes) – This program simplifies the complexities of decision-making by sorting out the various types of decisions: practical and principled, long-term and short-term, conscious and unconscious, and reversible and irreversible. The steps involved in making good decisions are also considered, as well as the importance of learning from mistakes.
  • Everyday Goals (29 minutes) – Explains the difference between goals and dreams; distinguishes between short- and long-term goals as well as personal, physical, financial, academic, and career goals; and offers strategies for achieving them. Emphasizes the importance of putting goals in writing, setting a timetable, staying focused, and being flexible.
  • Everyday Peer Pressure (28 minutes) – Investigates the dynamics of subtle, overt, and group peer pressure, along with ways of resisting persuasion to do irresponsible or antisocial things. The importance of reality checks (“Is this what I really want?” “Is this who I am?”) is emphasized.
  • Everyday Self-Esteem (30 minutes) – Describes the concept of self-esteem: what it is, where it comes from, and how to build it, maintain it, and protect it. The power of positive thinking, the importance of a supportive home environment, and the harmful effects of advertising are considered, along with the negative impact of a poor attitude, destructive comments, and unrealistic thoughts of one’s own worth.
  • Everyday Values (30 minutes) – Answers in detail the questions of what exactly are values and how do they work. Discusses how values are formed by upbringing, culture, socialization, and exposure to the media as well as how they function as standards for behavior. The interplay between individual and group values and the price of adhering to one’s values are also explored.

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