English Grammar Series (DVDs)


These 10 fabulous programs make the tricky rules of English grammar easier to learn than ever before.

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These fabulous programs make the tricky rules of English grammar easier to learn than ever before. The 10 programs (total running time: 13 hours 49 minutes) are each divided into 3 to 5 short lessons, making them perfect for classroom use or self-study.

Ideal for reviewing forgotten grammar or preparing for many verbal standardized tests such as the SAT, TOEFL, GED, and GRE. Suitable for middle school through adults.

The product includes instructions on how to download a free study guide. Can purchase each program separately for $39.95. SPECIAL: $379.95 for the complete set of 10 programs.

The programs include:

  • Sentence Structure
    • Recognizing and using the four types of sentence structures
    • Identifying subjects, predicates, and clauses
    • Building sentences by combining clauses
    • Avoiding run-ons, fragments, and other common errors

  • Parts of Speech
    • Recognizing the parts of speech
    • Constructing sentences with verbs, nouns, and pronouns
    • Connecting thoughts with prepositions and conjunctions
    • Adding color with adjectives and adverbs

  • Sentence Complements
    • Using complements in sentences to complete thoughts
    • Understanding transitive and intransitive verbs
    • Distinguishing between direct objects and indirect objects
    • Describing subjects with complements and linking verbs

  • Verbs
    • Understanding how to use the six essential verb tenses
    • Mastering the tenses of irregular verbs
    • Avoiding mistakes with tricky verbs such as lie and lay
    • Using the subjunctive mood correctly

  • Pronouns
    • Using personal, indefinite, interrogative, and relative pronouns
    • Mastering the subjective, objective, and possessive cases
    • Differentiating between who and whom
    • Conquering elliptical clauses and other tough pronoun problems
  • Agreement

    • Mastering subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement
    • Understanding how number and gender affect agreement
    • Using indefinite pronouns correctly
    • Solving the trickiest agreement problems

  • Modifiers
    • Adding spice to your sentences with adjectives and adverbs
    • Recognizing misplaced and dangling modifiers
    • Using comparatives and superlatives correctly
    • Avoiding common pitfalls when using modifiers

  • Parallel Structure
    • Understanding how parallel structure links related ideas
    • Using parallelism with gerunds, infinitives, and verbs
    • Recognizing and avoiding errors in parallelism
    • Crafting correct sentences using ellipsis

  • Punctuation
    • Using – and not abusing – commas
    • Conquering colons and semicolons
    • Understanding periods, question marks, and exclamation points
    • Mastering quotation marks, parentheses, dashes, and other marks

  • Spelling and Capitalization
    • Unlocking the secrets of good spelling
    • Applying simple spelling rules – and recognizing the “exceptions”
    • Mastering plurals, prefixes, and suffixes
    • Understanding when to capitalize words – and when not to
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