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#9945   The Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, 18th Edition is an essential resource for public, college, high school, and junior high school libraries; career centers; guidance offices; and other agencies involved with career exploration and planning.

Each article has been thoroughly revised and updated, and many new articles have been added to cover emerging professions, such as 3D Printing Specialists, Blockchain Developer, Contact Tracer, Personal Privacy Advisors, Remote Health Care Engineers, Smart Building Designers, Social Media Influencers, Unity Developers, and many more.

Comprehensive career information, sidebars, and user-friendly features, including the Career Ladder, which shows common career paths for each profession, provide a clear picture of what it takes to launch a successful career.

Extensive Online References and Sidebars

More than 7,000 websites are listed in the career field and profession articles and refer users to professional associations, government agencies, and other organizations. More than 1,000 sidebars ranging from profiles of industry movers and shakers to glossaries of industry jargon to fast-fact industry statistics are also included. Designed to hold students’ attention and relay information effectively, this edition of Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance is the ideal starting place for career research.

This edition features:

  • Comprehensive overviews of 145 industries and career fields
  • The latest information on job duties, salaries, education requirements, and employment trends for more than 1,100 professions
  • Sidebars providing additional reading on industry issues and history, useful websites, industry jargon, and much more
  • More than 1,200 photographs of industries and people at work
  • Career articles indexed to the O*NET-SOC and Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC) systems
  • Career Guidance section, providing information on interviewing, job hunting, networking, writing résumés, and more
  • Extensive online references
  • Appendixes of information and resources for finding apprenticeships and internships and for people with disabilities.

The Career Guidance content is divided into four parts:

  • Preparing for Your Career—presents information on choosing a career, starting a career, assessment tests, personal skills, occupational classification systems, training for job entry, and career development
  • Finding a Job—covers information on placement offices, job fairs, networking and references, searching the Internet, and classified ads
  • Applying for a Job—gives information on résumés, cover letters, career portfolios and credentials, and interviewing
  • You’re Hired—features information on salary and wages, fringe benefits, personnel management, employment laws, and employees’ rights.

Also includes are two appendixes: Career Resources and Associations for Individuals with Disabilities and Internships, Apprenticeships, and Training Programs.

One hundred and forty-five career field and industry articles provide in-depth information on alternative energy, consulting, education, engineering, health care, Internet services and security, nanotechnology, social media, telecommunications, and much more. Each article includes an overview of the field or industry and sections covering the background, structure, and outlook of each one plus additional resources for further investigation.

More than 1,100 Professions articles provide all the information readers need to understand, plan for, and achieve their target career.

Each career article includes:

  • Quick Facts—summarizes important facts
  • Career Ladder—delineates a typical career path
  • Overview—briefly defines the occupation
  • History—provides background on how the occupation developed
  • The Job—describes the typical duties of the job
  • Earnings—gives current salaries and wages
  • Work Environment—describes the work setting
  • Exploring—suggests various ways to further explore the field
  • Education—discusses necessary training or education
  • Certification and Licensing—explains recommended and required certifications and licenses
  • Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits—describes what it takes to get hired and succeed
  • Employment Prospects—looks at where to find employment when starting out
  • Advancement Prospects—tells how people can move up the ladder
  • Outlook—looks at the future growth of the career based on U.S. government projections
  • Unions and Associations—lists groups helpful for networking and professional development
  • Tips for Entry—suggestions for preparing for a career and getting a foot in the door
  • For More Information—presents a list of helpful organizations that can provide further information.0622

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ATTN: Paper edition of 17th edition is available by clicking HERE: Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance (17th Edition). All subsequent editions (18th onward) of this key reference work only available in eBook format.