Emerging Careers Video Library (DVDs)


This series examines five of today’s hottest career fields.

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#4812. The perfect companion series to our popular Careers for the 21st Century Video Library! Five DVDs examine five of today’s hottest career fields. Each program contains 45-60 minutes of valuable career information shot on job sites.

Highlights of this series:

  • Provides salary, education, and employment outlook information
  • Offers an exciting way to learn about 6-8 of the fastest growing, hottest occupations
  • Features candid interviews with workers in the field
  • Presents the rewards and challenges of each occupation
  • Includes a Spanish language track
  • Offers dual language closed-captioning
  • Includes public performance right and a reproducible worksheet

Suitable for middle school through adults. Spanish bonus: Both English and Spanish versions are on each disk. Copyright 2003.

Can purchase separately for $95.00 each. SPECIAL: $425.00 for complete library of five DVDs.

SUPER SPECIAL: Purchase both this series and the related Careers for the 21st Century Video Library (a total of 26¬†DVDs) for $1,995.00 – a $579.00 savings! Order as “Careers for the 21st Century and Emerging Careers Series” – please see the Product Options box above to order.

  • Biotechnology Occupations – 49 minutes
    • Biological Scientists
    • Genetic Research Technicians
    • Biomedical Engineers
    • Clinical Research Associates
    • Chemical Technicians
    • Biomedical Equipment Technicians


  • Environmental Occupations: Professional – 49 minutes
    • Environmental Engineers
    • Wildlife Biologists
    • Soil Conservationists
    • Air Quality Specialists
    • Environmental Educators
    • City and Regional Planners


  • Environmental Occupations: Technical – 48 minutes
    Click here to see a preview video of “Pollution Control Technicians” in the series below.

    • Forestry and Conservation Technicians
    • Hazardous Waste Technicians
    • Energy and Conservation Technicians
    • Pollution Control Technicians
    • Geographic Information Systems
      (GIS) Analysts
    • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators


  • Internet-Related Occupations – 47 minutes
    • Internet Software Developers
    • Webmasters
    • Internet Store Managers
    • Website Designers and Developers
    • ISP Owners and Managers
    • Internet Advertising Designers


  • Information Technology Occupations – 52 minutes
    • Systems Administrators
    • Network Engineers and Analysts
    • Computer Hardware Designers
    • Systems Engineers
    • Systems Analysts
    • Software Engineers
    • Database Analysts and Administrators




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