Effective Communication in Business (DVD)


This humorously surreal video tracks an employee who has overslept that morning around the office to make serious points about various aspects of communication.

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When a person has to rush to work in his pajamas because hes overslept (and, incidentally, his house has been demolished by accident while he was asleep in it), its the start of what can only be a very bad day at the office.
This humorously surreal dramatization tracks pajama man around the office to make serious points about:
  • verbal vs. nonverbal and formal vs. informal communication
  • how communication can break down due to misunderstanding or distraction
  • why failures of business communication can be so detrimental, whether they are internal, B-to-B, or customer-facing
  • the liabilities of unethical communications such as spamming and inappropriate texting
Viewing time: 20 minutes. Closed-captioned. 2010. Purchase options: DVD, 3-year Streaming, or DVD and 3-year Streaming; please see the Product Options box above when ordering.

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