ISBN: 0-942710-47-9

By Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.

#666  Here’s the definitive guide for preparing educators at all levels for alternative careers. Originally published in 1981 as Moving Out of Education: The Educator’s Guide to Career Management and Change (and subsequently morphed into multiple editions of Re-Careering in Turbulent Times, Careering and Re-Careering for the 1990s, and Change Your Job, Change Your Life), the book that launched Impact Publications in 1982 and that became the author’s “swan song” for leaving education and creating an entrepreneurial career in publishing. Specifying the career problems of educators and dispelling numerous myths, the book shows educators how to make successful and satisfying career transitions. Includes everything educators need for making the right career moves – from identifying skills and relevant career alternatives to writing resumes and letters, networking, interviewing, relocating, and starting a business. 250 pages. 1991.


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