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This is a 13-part drug prevention program ideal for middle school and high school teenagers.

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This 13-part program follows six kids struggling with varying levels of drug and alcohol consumption. Their stories are interwoven with Rand Teed’s drug classes, his counseling sessions with them, their everyday lives and their personal diary cams.

The interviews with both the kids and their families are candid. While some clean up their act using his method and guidance, not everyone is so lucky.

Viewers find out what happens to each of the six kids in this 13-part series. Programs are 23 minutes each. Online leader’s guides are available. $59.95 per program, or $599.95 for the series.

  • Welcome to Drug Class – Drug Class is not your conventional “in class” experience. Rand Teed encourages you to question everything you know and everything you THINK you know about substance abuse.
  • Just Say Know – In order to know where you’re headed, you must know where you’re at. Rand gives the students a quiz to help them find out where they are with their own substance abuse.
  • Kristie’s Story – After surviving a near fatal ecstasy overdose, Kristie re-discovers how rewarding it can be to reconnect with her family.
  • What You Don’t Know About Marijuana – Many viewers will already know what marijuana looks, smells, and feels like. Learn what it is actually doing to you physically!
  • Kirsten’s Story – Kirsten has been clean and sober for a few months, but is struggling with how to best occupy her “clean” time. After talking to Rand she decides to look for a job and take part in a high school fashion show.
  • Denial – Rand breaks down all of the defense mechanisms that allow you to continue denying what’s going on with you.
  • Travis’s Story – Travis has had a long history of poly substance abuse. Although he’s been clean for a little while, he still engages in unhealthy thinking, and turns to self-mutilation to help solve his problems.
  • Normal? Brain Chemistry – Discover what effects drugs and alcohol have on your brain and how it affects your ability to feel “normal.”
  • Cyara’s Story – Cyara has been battling depression and is trying hard to find a way to recover from her past drug abuse by re-establishing some trust with her mother, Lauren.
  • The Four Horsemen of the Drug Addiction Apocalypse – This episode looks at what character traits we need to work on to begin recovery from substance abuse and addiction.
  • Recovery/Relapse – Getting over an addiction isn’t always a one shot deal. A relapse is possible, and one must always guard against it.
  • Let’s Make It to Graduation – Most families lose hope when they have a child who is experiencing substance problems. Although many of our main characters had significant problems, the help they received and the work they did allowed them to make it to their graduations.
  • Where Do We Go From Here? – Rand recaps all the major ideas introduced throughout the series and helps you find a solution to your own problems. Tune in to find out where our main characters are now!
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