Dressing Smart for Women


From deciding on what to wear at job interviews to looking professional on the job, this book identifies 101 dressing mistakes women often make that can negatively affect their careers.

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ISBN: 1-57023-200-8

By JoAnna Nicholson

#2705  Today’s job market and workplace have many unwritten rules for dressing smart and getting ahead. From deciding on what to wear at job interviews to looking professional on the job, this book identifies 101 dressing mistakes women often make that can negatively affect their careers. Discusses errors such as looking too casual, inappropriate attire for a business environment, combining the wrong colors, wearing colors that are unflattering, lacking a sense of style, using too little or too much makeup, not having a polished appearance, unfamiliarity with what styles work well with one’s body structure, buying quantity instead of quality, and much more.

Includes invaluable tips on how to improve one’s appearance and get ahead in one’s career and get noticed by others. Includes 16 pages of color photographs that illustrate points the author makes about the use of style and color.

221 pages. 6 x 9. 2004. PRICING: $16.95. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $153.95; 100 copies for $1,359.95.

[My client] commented that she had read so many self help books on wardrobe and all of them seem to contradict each other. None gave her sound advice that she felt was practical. She absolutely LOVED Dressing Smart for Women. She said it was undoubtedly was the greatest wardrobe advice book she has ever read, and was ready to reread it with a highlighter in hand.
–Debbie Huff, Color 1 Associate


Are You a Smart Dresser?

Instant Impression

  • What Message Are You Sending?
  • Never Compare Yourself to an Illusion
  • Having an Edge
  • Look Promotable Now
  • Breaking the Rules to Win the Game
  • Accidentally Looking Great
  • Effective Packaging
  • Be Careful Not to Get Too Casual – Think Big Picture
  • Defining Style: Always Read the Small Print
  • Dressing Smart for Your Industry

Color Power

  • It’s Your Most Important Accessory And It is Free
  • Smart Shades
  • Looking Perceptive – Not Prim
  • Essential Accents
  • Creating Instant Impact
  • Looking Powerful or Weak
  • Smart Color Combinations

Changing the Way the World Looks at You

  • Classic and Classy
  • Looking As If You Don’t Have a Clue
  • A Mirror Image
  • Letting Go of Limitations, Bad Advice & Old Myths
  • The Art of Creating Illusion
  • Tailored for Elegance
  • Interpreting Patterns
  • Looking Smart in Suits and Jackets
  • The Rise and Fall of Hemlines
  • Wearing the Pants
  • Smart Tips for Tops
  • Dressing Smart for Dresses
  • Ace the Interview
  • Building a Smart Wardrobe
  • Creating a Smart Capsule Wardrobe
  • Change the Fabric Change the Style
  • Smart Looking Shoes and Boots
  • Alluring Legs
  • Carrying a Smart Handbag
  • Smart Belts
  • Smart Bijou Style
  • The Smart Scarf
  • Focus on Success
  • Getting the Best Support
  • Learning the ABCs of Business Casual
  • Setting the Boundaries
  • Stressing Out About Being Over or Underdressed
  • The Subtleties of Style
  • Wrapping the Perfect Package
  • Stormy Weather
  • Makeup Magic
  • Being Groomed for VIP

Other Smart Details With a Big Impact

  • Stressing Out About Being Over or Underdressed
  • Traveling in Style
  • Keep Your Million-Dollar Looks in Great Shape
  • Looking Smart Beyond Reproach
  • Is Your Perception of Yourself Real?
  • Developing a Signature Style
  • Building From Zero or Paring Down
  • Closet Surgery
  • So, You’re Going Shopping Again!
  • Consulting an Expert
  • Just the Basics: A Quick Reference
  • The Unexpected Gifts of Dressing Smart With Easy Elegance

JoAnna Nicholson is an internationally recognized expert on image and one of the founders of the image industry. Featured in numerous leading magazines and newspapers, she has appeared on “Larry King Live” and other major television and radio shows. A resident of Washington, DC, she is the author of five other books, including Dressing Smart for Men.


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