Dressing Smart for Men


This book identifies 101 dressing mistakes men often make that can negatively affect their careers and includes invaluable tips on improving one’s appearance.

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ISBN: 1-57023-199-0

By JoAnna Nicholson

#2704  Today’s job market and workplace have many unwritten rules for dressing smart and getting ahead. From deciding on what to wear at job interviews to looking professional on the job, this book identifies 101 dressing mistakes men often make that can negatively affect their careers. Discusses errors such as looking too casual, inappropriate attire for a business environment, combining the wrong colors, no sense of style, and not having a look that fits the company’s image.

Includes invaluable, detailed tips on how to improve one’s appearance and get ahead in one’s career. Explains how to select and combine attire from umbrella to shoes, eyeglasses to cufflinks. Includes 16 pages of color photographs.

189 pages. 6 x 9. 2004. PRICING: $16.95. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $153.95; 100 copies for $1,359.95.


Are You a Smart Dresser?

Instant Impression

  • Having an Edge Over the Other Guy
  • Look Promotable Now
  • Follow the Rules to the Top
  • Accidentally Looking Great
  • Effective Packaging – Never Fear Showing Your Best Side
  • Look Smart – Buy Smart
  • Wear Boardroom Looks Instead of Backroom Looks
  • Be Careful Not to Get Too Casual – Think Big Picture
  • Defining Style: Always Read the Small Print
  • Dressing Smart for Your Industry
  • Cracking the Right Code

Color Power

  • It’s Your Most Important Accessory And It is Free
  • Look Distinguished – Not Drab
  • Coloring Within the Lines
  • Using Neutrals to Look Astute, Not Austere
  • Essential Accents
  • Creating Instant Impact
  • Looking Powerful or Weak

Changing the Way the World Looks at You

  • Classic and Classy
  • Looking As If You Don’t Have a Clue
  • A Mirror Image
  • Tailored to Distinction
  • Fabricating Style
  • Patterned After Perfection
  • Suiting Up for Perfection
  • Suit Yourself
  • To Vent or Not to Vent
  • Button, Anti-Button, Unbutton
  • Keep Your Pants On and Up
  • White Out
  • Keep Your Shirt On
  • Tied in Knots
  • Vested Interest
  • Top Tips for Smart Tops
  • Database
  • Don’t Belt It Down
  • You Need Sole So Don’t Loafer Around
  • Sock It to ‘Em
  • Learning the ABC’s of Business Casual
  • Pulling It All Together
  • Ace the Interview
  • Attachments
  • Focus on Success
  • Cloak Without a Dagger

Small Details With a Big Impact

  • Stressing Out About Being Over or Underdressed
  • Traveling in Style
  • Being Groomed for VIP
  • More Small Details With a Big Impact
  • Does Your Perception of Yourself Match Others’ Perception of You?
  • Developing a Signature Style
  • Building From Zero or Paring Down
  • Closet Surgery
  • You’re Going Shopping? Really?
  • Paying the Price
  • Seeking Counsel
  • Just the Basics: A Quick Reference
  • The Unexpected Gifts of Dressing Smart With Easy Elegance

JoAnna Nicholson is an internationally recognized expert on image and one of the founders of the image industry. Featured in numerous leading magazines and newspapers, she has appeared on “Larry King Live” and other major television and radio shows. A resident of Washington, DC, she is the author of five other books, including Dressing Smart for Women.


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