Discovering Careers For Your Future Series


This series spotlights careers for elementary, middle school, and junior high students.

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The increasing emphasis on early career education has teachers and librarians looking for entertaining and informative resources for young students. The books in this series link career exploration to the curriculum. The series encourages students to explore their interests and begin thinking about the wide range of jobs that relate to them.

Presented in a two-color format designed specially to appeal to students, each book profiles 20 careers and offers a comprehensive look at everything from how to start preparing while still in school to what the future might hold in terms of job prospects and salaries. Hardcover. 96 pages each. Can purchase separately at $30.00 each. SPECIAL: $519.95 for the complete series of 18 volumes.

  • Adventure (2008)
  • Art (2008)
  • Computers (2008)
  • Construction (2008)
  • English (2005)
  • Environment (2008)
  • Health (2005)
  • Law Enforcement (2008)
  • Library and Information Science (2008)
  • Math (2008)
  • Nature (2002)
  • Performing Arts (2005)
  • Publishing (2005)
  • Radio and Television (2005)
  • Space Exploration (2008)
  • Sports (2005)
  • Teaching (2008)
  • Transportation (2002)




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