Discover The Best Jobs for You: Do What You Love! (4th Edition)


Complete with tests and self-directed exercises, this book addresses the fundamentals of developing an effective job search.

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ISBN: 1-57023-158-3

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By Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.Ds

Do you love what you are doing? Is your life all work and no play, or are you pursuing a truly balanced life you really love living? Are there other things you would rather do but you’re not sure exactly what they are? What do you plan to do with the rest of your life? Do you feel you’ve made the right career choices thus far, or do you see other possibilities for your future?

Here’s the book that answers some of today’s most important career questions. If you want to find a job you really love, you need to do first things first. Start by becoming better acquainted with yourself by discovering what you do well and enjoy doing and then link this information to specific jobs and careers. Do first things first by doing the following before writing resumes and letters, responding to vacancy announcements, and interviewing for jobs:

  • assessing your abilities and skills
  • identifying your values and interests
  • formulating a powerful job objective
  • relating your motivated abilities and skills (MAS) to specific job

Discover the Best Jobs For You provides insightful answers to the most critical questions for finding a job. Examining two very different approaches to career success – deterministic versus self-transformation – it also includes:

  • 30 fastest growing and declining occupations
  • 29 online assessment websites
  • 21 principles for job search success
  • 16 employment trends
  • 11 career planning services
  • 7 steps to job search success

Complete with tests and self-directed exercises, this book addresses the fundamentals central to developing an effective job search.

Discover the Best Jobs For You is the ideal job-finding guide for anyone first entering or re-entering the job market or changing jobs and careers. Don’t start your job search without first reading this practical guide to career success. 193 pages. 2001.


  1. Do First Things First
  2. Identify the Best Jobs for Tomorrow
  3. Test Your Careering Competencies
  4. Get Organized for Success
  5. Seek Professional Assistance When Necessary
  6. Alternative Choices and the Right “Fit”
  7. What You Do Well: Your Skills & Abilities
  8. What You Enjoy Doing: Your Interests & Values
  9. Identify Your Motivated Abilities & Skills
  10. Beyond Self-Knowledge to Self-Transformation
  11. Set Goals and Specify Your Objective
  12. Alternative Jobs and Careers
  13. Use Time and Plan Effectively
  14. Develop Strategies For Success
  15. Online Career Assessment Resources


“…Easy reading, practical, methodical, and an invaluable aid in today’s job-search process.”
The Midwest Book Review



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