Difficult Hire: Seven Recruitment and Selection Principles for Hard to Fill Positions


Learn the basic principles of recruiting, regardless of your industry, and reach a higher level of success in recruiting a hard-to-fill job – the difficult hire.

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ISBN: 1-57023-137-0

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By Dennis Doverspike, Ph.D., and Rhonda C. Tuel

Hiring the right people has always been a challenge. It’s an even greater challenge for many hard-to-fill positions – the difficult hire. Indeed, for recruiters the difficult hire encompasses many different positions, from entry-level to senior-level. It may include staffing call centers with customer service representatives and tech support personnel or recruiting experienced IT professionals.

Recruiting for hard-to-fill positions involves more than just finding and compensating the right talent. As this ground-breaking book emphasizes, it requires important changes in the attitudes of recruiters. Successful recruiting requires recruiters who understand the psychology of the job candidates – why people take jobs with organizations and what makes the difficult hire possible. Most important of all, the recruiter must believe that he or she can make the seemingly impossible become a reality and, over time, change the very nature of the organization by hiring high quality employees.

Based upon many years of research, training, and consulting work with companies, The Difficult Hire reveals seven critical principles, which constitute a set of attitudes or philosophy, for effectively recruiting, screening, and hiring:

  • You are the most important factor in filling the job.
  • You must stay in control.
  • Put the company and the job on a pedestal.
  • Perceptions are everything and you can change perceptions.
  • Control the negatives.
  • Fulfill the individual’s needs.
  • Set and keep your standards high.

For the recruiter, the end is to develop a proper attitude toward the hiring process. For the job candidate, the end is a perception that a job with the organization is valuable and winning the job is a significant achievement. For the organization, the end is to create an appropriate climate for recruiting. For the reader, the goal is to approach this whole subject of recruitment from a fresh perspective that encompasses the needs of everyone involved. For in the end, productive and competitive organizations require people who can effectively recruit, screen, and hire for hard-to-fill positions – the goal of the principles outlined in this important attitude-changing book.

160 pages. 6 x 9. Softcover. 2000.


  • The Art and Attitude of Recruiting
  • The Challenge of Recruiting
  • The Basic Principles
  • The First Dance – Controlling the Initial Contact
  • Screening – Identifying Requirements
  • Closing – Selling the Job
  • Ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Special Issues
  • The New Face of the Organization
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Appendix A: Agenda for Sample Training Program
  • Appendix B: The Newspaper Advertisement

The Difficult Hire is a fine book on many aspects of recruiting
and belongs on your bookshelf if you recruit for a living.
The mechanical aspects are well covered step by step.”
Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D.



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