Desktop Guide to Reentry for Juvenile Confinement Facilities


Examines the problems of effectively reintegrating juvenile offenders into society upon their release from confinement, and offers solutions.

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By Hendrix, Moeser, Roush, and Zimmermann (Editors)

#6202   An estimated 100,000 youth are released from confinement facilities every year. These individuals have spent limited time in a facility and may not have received the treatment and counseling they need to effectively live in society.

Developed by the National Partnership for Juvenile Services, this “nuts and bolts” resource guide addresses this widespread problem. The book:

  • Examines how to equip youth for re-entry success by utilizing partnerships and programs
  • Discusses what steps are needed to make reintegration a priority in your facility
  • Provides ways you can use data to improve the reintegration process
  • Evaluates what can be done to work with the public to increase their support of juvenile re-entry programs

143 pages. Softcover. June 2007. $33.00. SPECIAL: 10 copies for $309.95



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