Cool Careers for Girls Series


Written especially for girls ages 11 through 14, this series takes a fun and fascinating look at exciting careers for women.

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By Ceel Pasternak and Linda Thornburg

Written especially for girls ages 11 through 14, this series of 11 career exploration guides takes a fun look at exciting careers for women. Each book profiles 10 or 11 women who love their work, providing girls with good role models and excellent advice for investigating the careers that interest them. The upbeat and informative pages provide answers to important questions from girls.

Books in this series encourage career exploration and broaden girls’ career horizons. Each book includes vital information about the types of jobs available, scholastic needs to fulfill these careers, and valuable resources to contact for more information. 119-154 pages each. 1999-2004.

Books may be ordered individually or as a kit. $199.95 for the series. SPECIALS: 20% discount for 2-5 sets; 30% discount for 6-15 sets; and 40% discount on 16+ sets.
  • Cool Careers for Girls in Air and Space
    Features an astrophysicist, astronauts, aerospace engineer, cosmochemist, planetary scientist, planetary and astrobiology research scientist, physicist, helicopter pilot, air traffic controller, and airline pilot. 127 pages. 2001. $12.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls With Animals
    Highlights a veterinarian, pet sitter and exerciser, herpetologist, horse farm owner, bird handler/interpreter, wildlife manager, exotic animal trainer, dog trainer, curator of marine animals, and ostrich farmer. 104 pages. 1998. $19.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls as Crime Solvers
    Features a firearms examiner, fingerprint examiner, forensic anthropologist, insurance fraud investigator, forensic pathologist, forensic microscopist, bloodstain pattern analyst, computer forensic specialist, forensic laboratory director, and police detective/forensic artist. 140 pages. 2003. $19.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls in Cybersecurity and National Safety
    Features a security manager, combat casualty care and emergency response researcher, computer network security specialist, federal information security specialist, cyber smuggling analyst, military security engineer, security consultant and author, computer security entrepreneur, mechanical engineer, and corporate security analyst. 143 pages. 2004. $21.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls as Environmentalists
    Features a botanist, animal naturalist, biologist, engineer, environmental consultant, executive director, entomologist, and director of an advocacy group. 130 pages. 2001. $19.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls in Food
    Features a chef, chocolatier, winemaker, cheesemaker, bread store owner, restaurant owner, specialty foods manufacturer, food scientist, military food service, health food store owner, and restaurant critic. 127 pages. 2000. $12.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls in Health
    Features a physician, educator, clinical nurse specialist, emergency medicine physician, dentist, chiropractic and naturopathic physician, family nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, personal trainer and counselor, nuclear medical technologist, physical therapist assistant, and clinical dietician. 154 pages. 1999. $19.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls in Law
    Features a military lawyer (space and international law), environmental lawyer, entertainment lawyer, family lawyer, judge, labor lawyer, judge (patent law), court reporter (civil and criminal law), corporate and securities lawyer, and paralegal (corporate law). 140 pages. 2001. $19.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls in Performing Arts
    Features a screen and stage actress, military service singer, ballet dancer, cellist, recording artist, stage actress/singer, singer/songwriter choreographer, puppeteer, and choir director and organist. 2000. $19.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls in Sports
    Features a professional basketball player, golf professional, ski and snowboard instructor, sports broadcaster, athletic director, athletic trainer, sports psychologist, basketball official, soccer foundation executive, high school coach/athletic director, and entrepreneur. 122 pages. 1998. $19.95.

  • Cool Careers for Girls in Travel and Hospitality
    Features a cruise ship social hostess; interpretive guide, naturalist, and wildlife biologist; photographer; travel agent; travel writer and editor; guest ranch programs manager; hotel concierge; hotel general manager; bed and breakfast innkeepers; and spa director. 119 pages. 2003. $21.95.


“A welcome and valued addition to school counselor,
school library and community library job and career
reference collections.”

The Children’s Bookwatch

“Inspirational and easy to read.”

School Library Journal

“These are inspiring stories with positive messages.”

Employment Review Online

“Bravo! for authors Ceel Pasternak and Linda Thornburg for assembling a refreshing, inspirational and highly informative series for young women called ‘Cool Careers for Girls’….This is a combination of well-researched objective data and first hand personal career guidance that any person can use at any age. The…series should be a vital part of any high school, community college, or community-oriented career guidance center. Counselors, teachers, career center librarians and program directors: Pick these books up fast! – …they won’t stay on the shelves for long!”

–Marky Stein, author of Fearless Interviewing



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