Cool Careers for Girls in Travel and Hospitality (hardcover)


Profiles 10 women in successful travel and hospitality careers, including careers related to hotel sales and marketing, event planning….

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ISBN: 1-57023-193-1

By Ceel Pasternak

With millions of people traveling each year for pleasure or on business, a vast array of careers in the travel and hospitality industry has opened up for women. If you love being around people, traveling and seeing new places, giving talks and presentations, writing about faraway places, using computers, or learning foreign languages, a career in this field may be perfect for you!

Representing the thirteenth volume in the highly acclaimed Cool Careers for Girls Series, this fascinating book profiles ten women in successful travel and hospitality careers. It includes careers as a cruise ship hostess; photographer; guide/naturalist/wildlife biologist; travel agent; writer/editor; manager of guest programs at a ranch; hotel concierge; hotel general manager; bed and breakfast owners; and spa director. In easy-to-read language, each woman shares her story about how she got started and what it takes to make it as a woman in her career field.

In addition to reading about the women’s personal and professional lives, you’ll learn about the personality characteristics and physical and mental abilities you will need for these jobs. The book also gives the salary range you might expect and the educational requirements for each career. 119 pages. 7 x 9. 2003.

  • A personality checklist for each job
  • Advice on what you can do now to get started
  • A list of books to read and websites to check out
  • Places to contact for mentoring and educational programs

What readers learn:

  • Skills needed to succeed in each career
  • Physical demands of the jobs
  • Support women receive to pursue their goals
  • Amount of leisure time provided by jobs
  • How career demands and home life are balanced
  • Subjects studied to prepare for these jobs


  • cruise ship social hostess
  • interpretive guide, naturalist, and wildlife biologist
  • photographer
  • travel agent
  • travel writer and editor
  • guest ranch programs manager
  • hotel concierge
  • hotel general manager
  • bed and breakfast innkeepers
  • spa director

Also available in paperback.


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