Cool Careers for Girls in Cybersecurity and National Safety (hardcover)


This title in our popular “Cool Careers for Girls” series profiles 10 women working in cybersecurity and national safety, very timely career areas given the worldwide concern with terrorism and security.

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ISBN: 1-57023-209-1

By Linda Thornburg

Since September 11, 2001, Americans have been concerned about our personal safety, access to private information about us on the Internet, threats to our nations vast infrastructure upon which we all depend, terrorism, the integrity of information vital to the smooth operation of our government, and much more. Young adults are turning to the challenges of a career in cybersecurity and national safety as they join the ranks of the women and men who are striving to make our nation safer.

Have you ever wondered how the Internet works, how it affects just about every aspect of American life, from your telephone, drinking water, the heating system of your home and school, the operation of your family’s car, to record keeping at your school, bank, local hospital, and everywhere else? Do you read medical thrillers and wonder how to prevent the unleashing into our environment of lethal bacteria and viruses by terrorists? Do you think about identity theft when you order something over the Internet or pay by credit card at your favorite store?

If you have a real love of knowledge and learning, can think logically, are fascinated by the use of technology, don’t mind paying attention to small details, can work independently and in groups, enjoy problem solving and talking in front of a group, can be persuasive, and love reading, science, and math in school, a career in cybersecurity and national safety may be perfect for you!

In Cool Careers for Girls in Cybersecurity and National Safety, the newest volumn in our popular Cool Careers for Girls Series, you’ll meet women who were once young girls like yourself. You’ll explore their careers as a security manager, combat casualty care and emergency response researcher, computer network security specialist, federal information security specialist, cyber smuggling analyst, military security engineer, security consultant and author, computer security entrepreneur, mechanical engineer, and corporate security analyst.

In addition to reading about their personal and professional lives, you’ll learn about the personality characteristics and physical and mental abilities you will need for these jobs. The book also gives the salary range you might expect and the educational requirements for each career. 143 pages. 7 x 9. 2004.

  • A personality checklist for each job
  • Advice on what you can do now to get started
  • A list of books to read and websites to check out
  • Places to contact for mentoring and educational programs

What readers learn:

  • Skills needed to succeed in each career
  • Physical demands of the jobs
  • Support women receive to pursue their goals
  • Amount of leisure time provided by jobs
  • How career demands and home life are balanced
  • Subjects studied to prepare for these jobs


  • Security Manager
  • Combat Casualty Care and Emergency Response Researcher
  • Computer Network Security Specialist
  • Federal Information Security Specialist
  • Cyber Smuggling Analyst
  • Security Consultant and Author
  • Computer Security Entrepreneur
  • Military Computer Security Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Corporate Security Analyst
  • Getting Started on Your Own Career Path


“A welcome and valued addition to school counselor, school library and community library job and career reference collections.”
The Children’s Bookwatch

“Inspirational and easy to read.”
School Library Journal

“These are inspiring stories with positive messages.”
Employment Review Online

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Linda Thornburg has worked for more than 20 years as a writer, editor, and communications professional. Today she runs her own writing business. With Ceel Pasternak she has co-authored ten books in the famous “Cool Careers for Girls” series.

Also available as paperback.


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