Cool Careers For Girls as Environmentalists (hardcover)


Designed for young girls ages 11-14, this new title in the popular “Cool Careers for Girls” series profiles 10 pioneering women working in the environmental field,

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ISBN: 1-57023-173-7

By Ceel Pasternak

Written especially for girls ages 11 through 14, this title in the popular Cool Careers for Girls Series profiles 11 women working as environmentalists. Each woman reveals how she broke into her field, the nature of her work, and why she loves what she does.

Books in this popular, highly acclaimed series take a fascinating look at exciting nontraditional careers for women. Filled with inviting graphics and photos, each volume describes the careers of 10-11 women. These women were like some girls today – they dreamed of successful careers but often didn’t know what they wanted to do or how to go about pursuing a career that would be meaningful to them. Through sharing their stories, they provide young readers with good role models and excellent advice for preparing for their particular careers. The upbeat and informative pages, written in an age-appropriate style, encourage career exploration and broaden girls’ career horizons. 130 pages. 2001.

Each book also provides:

  • A personality checklist for each job
  • Skills and physical demands
  • Education requirements
  • Lists of books, videos, and websites
  • Salary range
  • Organizations and professional associations to contact


  • Botanist–Sustainable Forestry and Agriculture
  • Animal Naturalist–Endangered Species–Red Wolf Breeding
  • Facilities Manager–Clean Air–Automobile Emissions
  • Biologist–Ecosystems–Riverine Wetlands
  • Electrical Engineer–Renewable Energy–Wind
  • Environmental Consultant–Green Technologies and Products
  • Farm Manager–Organic, Pesticide-Free Farming
  • Executive Director–Toxic Clean-Up–Restoration of Brownfields
  • Entomologist–Forest Health Protection
  • Researcher–Waste Management–Farm Animals
  • Regional Director–Advocacy–Nuclear Processes and Radioactive Waste
  • Getting Started on Your Own Career Path


“A welcome and valued addition to school counselor, school library and community library job and career reference collections.”
The Children’s Bookwatch

“Inspirational and easy to read.”
School Library Journal

“These are inspiring stories with positive messages.”
Employment Review Online

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Also available as paperback.


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