Complete Q & A Job Interview Book (4th Edition)


Provides readers with interview scripts. Shows how to customize questions and answers

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By Jeffrey G. Allen

A job interview is like a screen test, and you’re the actor. This bestselling guide shows you how getting hired depends almost completely on the “actor factor.” If you know your lines, perfect your delivery, and dress for the part, you’ll get hired. If you don’t, you won’t.

This book develops your own personalized interview script to prepare you in advance for any question that comes your way. Covering questions on everything from personal background to management ability and technological know-how, the book gives you a fail-safe delivery format for responding the right way every time.

This edition has been updated to guide you through today’s changing job market, and includes an entirely new chapter on dealing with the latest open-ended interrogation questions.

If getting a job is playing a part, this is your starring role. Follow the director, and you’ll be a superstar! 256 pages. Softcover. 2004.



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