Complete Guide to the New NCO-ER


Reveals the inside secrets of the NCO-ER so you can position yourself for getting ahead in today’s Army.

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ISBN: 1-57023-202-4

By Wilson L. Walker, Master Sergeant, U.S. Army Retired

Getting ahead in today’s Army is no big secret for those who know how the Army operates its evaluation system. The Army retains and promotes Non-commissioned Officers who have demonstrated patterns of performance and competence as reflected in specific Army values and basic NCO responsibilities.

These are detailed in the Non-commissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCO-ER), one of the most important reports that you will receive or write as an NCO in the Army. Indeed, some NCOs fail to get promoted, are relieved from duty, or leave the Army because of a bad NCO-ER.

The NCO-ER affects an NCO’s promotions, assignments, school selections, and retention. You simply must receive and write an excellent NCO-ER if you want to get promoted and receive good assignments. But knowing how to do this is often easier said than done, especially given the many day-to-day duties and responsibilities of NCOs and new changes that have taken place with the NCO-ER.

The Complete Guide to the New NCO-ER: How to Receive and Write an Excellent NCO-ER is the first book to reveal the inside secrets of the NCO-ER so you can better position yourself for getting ahead in today’s Army. Now after 13 years, the Army has changed the NCO-ER. The major change focuses on Army values as enunciated in Part IVa of DA Form 2166-8. Understanding those values and how they relate to the raters’ evaluation are critical to doing well on the new NCO-ER.

Written in the no-nonsense language of both an NCO and rater, the author, Wilson L. Walker, a retired Master Sergeant and experienced promotion board member, reveals in extraordinary detail:

  • The qualifications and responsibilities of the rater, senior rater, and reviewer.
  • Why bullet comments are so important and which ones are bad for your rating.
  • What board members and others look for when they check your NCO-ER.
  • How to best prepare for counseling sessions.
  • The most important values the Army stresses.
  • The types of reports you can expect to encounter.
  • How to appeal a negative NCO-ER.
Filled with important examples and tips, this practical guide book is an invaluable resource for receiving and writing an outstanding NCO-ER. It’s the ultimate primer for quickly preparing for the NCO-ER.
107 pages. Softcover. 2003. SPECIAL: 40% discount ($8.37 each) on 100+ copies; see the quantity discounts box above for other discounts.


  1. The NCO-ER
  2. The Rating Officials
  3. DA Form 2166-8 and DA Form 2166-8-1
  4. Bullet Comments
  5. Helpful NCO-ER Tips and Information
  6. Career Resources
THE AUTHOR: Wilson L. Walker, Master Sergeant, U.S. Army, Retired, has over 12 years experience as a promotion board member. He was Soldier of the Quarter as E-5 and Soldier of the Year as E-7. He has served as a section Chief, Platoon Sergeant, and First Sergeant. He has written three other books on career development in the Army.


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