Complete GED and Pre-GED Series (DVDs)


These enhanced and interactive DVD editions of the bestselling GED and PRE-GED video series prepare students for today’s tough GED exams.

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This enhanced and interactive DVD series prepares students for today’s tough GED exams. Each of the five subjects is divided into two levels – Pre-GED (for basic skills) and GED (for test preparation).

The Pre-GED series is an essential prerequisite to the GED series. From writing a winning essay to interpreting business documents to solving quadratic equations to using your calculators, this program helps students master all the skills need to pass the GED!

Includes 11 programs on 25 DVDs as well as free downloadable study guides. Viewing time: 43+ hours. Click on each series for more information.

Can purchase separately. SPECIAL: $889.45 for complete series of 11 programs.

Pre-GED Series ($79.95 each; SPECIAL: $379.95 for all 5 programs)

  • Pre-GED Language Arts, Reading
  • Pre-GED Language Arts, Writing
  • Pre-GED Mathematics
  • Pre-GED Science
  • Pre-GED Social Studies

GED Series ($89.95 each (Calculator Essentials is $39.95); SPECIAL: $519.95 for all 6 programs)

  • GED Calculator Essentials
  • GED Language Arts, Reading
  • GED Language Arts, Writing
  • GED Mathematics
  • GED Science
  • GED Social Studies




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