Cliques, Phonies, and Other Baloney


These two products, a book and DVD, address the problems that clique-type behavior creates for kids in elementary and middle school.

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By Trevor Romain
NOTE: This product is available as a book and a DVD. See the descriptions below, then check the Product Options box above.
The book:
Written for every kid who has ever felt excluded or trapped by a clique, this book blends humor with practical advice as it tackles a serious subject.

Trevor Romain starts by explaining what cliques are and why they exist: because everyone wants to have friends. He reveals why some cliques are so annoying – and often full of phonies. And he shares the secret to being popular: just be yourself!

As readers smile at the cartoons and laugh at Trevor’s jokes, theyll also be learning skills they need to make and keep friends – real friends, not people who pretend to be cool.

Theyll discover that some supposedly popular kids are lonely and miserable inside. And theyll pick up important self-esteem tips that will help them feel good about themselves (because theres no need to let a bad clique spoil a perfectly good day). 

136 pages, illustrations. 1998. $8.95.
The DVD:
Being one of the cool kids may not always be what it seems. After feeling rejected by her best friend Jack, Skye decides to look for other friends. Before long, her new friends are changing the way Skye looks, acts, talks, and dresses – they even change her name.
Skye begins to lose track of her own identity, but with a little help from Trevor and Jack, she learns the importance of being true to herself and that we are all One of a Kind.
Approx. 80 minutes (includes extras), color, animated and live-action. $45.00.
Both are suitable for ages 8-13.


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