Cheapskate Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of Americans Living Happily Below Their Means


This book reveals the 16 key attitudes about money and life that allow the cheapskates next door to live happy, comfortable, debt-free lives while spending only a fraction of what most Americans spend.

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By Jeff Yeager
This book provides an energetic, readable lesson on living happily well below your means. Interviewing a variety of self-professed cheapskates, Yeager finds despite a diversity of lifestyles, backgrounds, and beliefs common practices and philosophies when it came to money. And their knowledge of how to live on less has insulated them from the economic crash.
If we change the way we think about want vs. need, we can focus our time and attention on the truly valuable things family, charity, passions, the early retirement that will make enjoying them longer possible and if we consume sparingly, thoughtfully, and fully, our possessions will not consume us.
Among the tips youll learn:
  • how to cut your food bill in half and eat healthier as a result
  • how your kids can get a college education without ever borrowing a dime
  • how to let the other guy pay for deprecation by learning the secrets of buying used, not abused
  • how you can save serious money by negotiating and bartering
  • how if you know where to look theres free stuff and free fun all around you
The Cheapskate Next Door also features dozens of original Cheap Shots quick, money saving tips that could save you more than $25,000 in a single year! Cheap Shots give you the inside scoop on:
  • How to save hundreds on kids toys
  • What inexpensive old-fashioned kitchen appliance can save you more than $200 a year
  • How you can travel the world without ever having to pay for lodging
  • What single driving tip can save you $30,000 during your lifetime
  • Even how to save up to 40% on fine wines (and were not talking about the kind that comes in a box)
Yeager and his Miser Advisers are proof that living more frugally isn’t about sacrifice it’s about making choices every day to live a better, happier, more thoughtful life with less.
256 pages. Softcover. 2010. SPECIAL: 10 copies for $116.95; please see the Product Options box above when placing your order.


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