Character Chronicles DVD Series


Focuses on the six pillars of character for early adolescents.

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Presented from the point of view of six middle school video bloggers, this series explores the “Six Pillars of Character” through the thoughts and personal experiences of young people throughout the U.S.

The series contains a variety of entertaining and provocative elements including inspiring documentaries, humorous vignettes, and insightful teen discussions about each of the pillars. These compelling chronicles sparkle with a hip, modern, energetic style that young viewers will love to watch.

Each DVD includes a teaching guide which provides discussion questions, writing assignments, and follow-up activities.

Suitable for Grades 4-8. Closed-captioned. 2008. Can order each DVD separately for $69.95, or $359.50 for the 6-part series.

  • The Trust Connection – Blogger Judy explores the role of trust in everyday life, how trust is gained and lost among friends and family, and the consequences of lying to fit in.
  • The Respect Connection – This program reinforces the importance of respect in everything we do, from our interactions with our peers to the way we treat the planet on which we live.
  • The Responsibility Connection – This dynamic combination of kids’ discussions and two inspiring documentaries shows both personal and social responsibility in action.
  • The Fairness Connection – Chloe focuses her blog on the concept of fairness, presenting insightful discussions among her peers, and documentaries about two groups of teens whose actions exemplify this important pillar of character.
  • The Caring Connection – The young people in this video explore the idea that caring is about actions, not simply feelings.
  • The Citizenship Connection – Blogger Malik goes on a search to discover how kids can be good citizens, and finds that he and his peers can make a difference by doing their share for the common good.

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