Careers Video Tour (2nd Edition) (DVD) (elementary school)


This bestselling motivational video series takes kids on a field trip through a variety of careers.

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These bestselling videos will take your class on a fascinating, fast-paced field trip through a rich variety of professions. The professions include high-interest and fast-growing careers.The professionals interviewed answer questions such as “What should a young person study in school to have their career?”
Career awareness at the elementary level should not overwhelm the student, but should increase their knowledge about the variety of career options that will be available to them as they move forward. Its never too early to introduce young people to the exciting world of work.
Closed-captioned. Suitable for elementary school students. Viewing time: 20 minutes. 2007.
Careers covered include:
  • air traffic controller
  • emergency medical technician
  • orthopedic surgeon
  • park ranger
  • meteorologist
  • chemical engineer
  • interior designer
  • zookeeper
  • physical therapist
  • restaurant manager
  • dancer
  • photographer
  • geologist
  • manufacturer’s sales representative




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