Career Options for Women: Emerging Opportunities (DVD & SV)


This unique 35-program series highlights women who have succeeded in historically male-dominated occupations.

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#6610  This unique 35-program series highlights women who have succeeded in historically male-dominated occupations. The personal experiences and insights of these women in a wide variety of cutting-edge fields is revealed. Thus, the series raises viewer awareness, confidence, and interest in these career opportunities. Girls and young women will see that the sky is the limit.
Viewing time: 30 minutes each. Closed-captioned. 2006. Can purchase each program separately in DVD or Streaming format for $3,498.75, or in both formats for $6,399.00.
SPECIALS for the complete series: $3,498.25 for the 35-part series in DVD format; $3,498.25 in 3-year Streaming format; and $6,399.00 for both DVDs and 3-year Streaming.
  • Adventure Tourism – mountain guide, dog sled musher, ecotourism development agent – video preview
  • Agriculture – farmer’s marketing representative, production coordinator – video preview
  • Aquaculture – shellfish nursery technician, fish health technician, trout farm owner – video preview
  • Automotive – truck driver, autobody technician, auto mechanic – video preview
  • Aviation – pilot and crew commander, aircraft mechanic, aircraft structures mechanic – video preview
  • Biotechnology – chemist and research technician, animal fertility researcher, vice president of research and development at a biotech firm – video preview
  • Construction – welder, restoration carpenter, electrician – video preview
  • Culinary – gourmet butcher, commercial baker, apprentice chef – video preview
  • E-Commerce – programmer, Web master, Web design consultant – video preview
  • Engineering – product support engineer, computer software engineer, environmental engineer – video preview
  • Entertainment – animation storyboard artist, film colorist, photojournalist – video preview
  • Entrepreneurship – maple syrup producer, optician, pest control producer – video preview
  • Film Production – director of short films, camera assistant, camera technician – video preview
  • Finance and Investment – stockbroker, market supervisor, micro-finance advisor – video preview
  • Forestry – lumber-hauling helicopter pilot, pulp mill dispatch attendant, forest technician – video preview
  • Gaming – casino dealer and floor supervisor, jockey, multimedia game designer – video preview
  • Heavy Equipment Operation – haul truck operator, tarmac heavy equipment operator, and crane operator – video preview
  • Information Technology – computer service support technician, desktop support analyst, and software developer – video preview
  • Manufacturing – instrumentation technician, machine operator, production horticulturalist – video preview
  • Marine Transportation – boat pilot, ferry deckhand, naval engineer – video preview
  • Medical/Health – pharmaceutical plant manager, biomedical technologist, prosthetics technician – video preview
  • Mining – mining technician, geologist, grade control technician – video preview
  • Music – sound engineer and technician, guitar builder, electronic music composer – video preview
  • Oil and Gas Technologies – health, safety, and environmental coordinator, power engineer, project manager – video preview
  • Protective Services – helicopter pilot, Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable, fire protection designer – video preview
  • Rail Transportation – yard foreman, technical officer who tests rail cars, electronic systems technician – video preview
  • Rescue – paramedic, rescue diver, firefighter – video preview
  • Robotics and Automation – engineer specializing in space robotics, robotics technician, owner-operator of Solarbotics – video preview
  • Rubber – extruder operation manager, tire builder, production specialist – video preview
  • Steel – production worker at a galvanizing mill, quality control inspector, research technician – video preview
  • Telecommunications – telecommunications specialist, technical support specialist and designer, naval communicator – video preview
  • Textiles – planning manager, research and development technician, vice president of sales for a fabric producer – video preview
  • Utilities – network operations technician, natural gas systems planner, linesperson – video preview
  • Video Games – background modeler, 2-D animator, 3-D animator – video preview
  • Wood Products – sawmill production coordinator, composite technologist, oversize crate builder – video preview
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