Career Clusters 4 (DVDs)


Real people talk about their careers in marketing, sales and service; government and public administration; business, management and administration; and finance.

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#9689  No one knows jobs better than the people who actually do them! This four-part series lets the experts speak, as they share their firsthand knowledge of the following career areas:

  • Marketing, Sales and Service – There will always be a place in America’s consumer-centric culture for energetic go-getters in the areas of marketing, sales, and service. This program, set in a marketing agency environment, introduces students to an account director/senior associate, an account director/partner, an associate creative director, and a managing partner.Background information on the field in general – and the education needed to really excel – is included. Also, the ability to build and maintain strong client relationships is stressed.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Government and Public Administration – Dedicated public servants in the spheres of government and public administration are the backbone of America – and most of them don’t live anywhere near Capitol Hill.In this program, a city manager, a community relations manager, a police officer, and a park ranger/director of parks, recreation, and forestry answer a barrage of questions designed to help your students understand the ins and outs of these occupations as they learn what it’s like to live “a day in the life.”Click here to view a video clip.
  • Business, Management and Administration – When it’s time to get down to the business of business, introduce your students to some people who make their living at it. This program profiles a corporate accounting assistant, an administrative assistant, an account director, and a principal at a commercial real estate services firm.Together they cover a lot of ground as they discuss the challenges and rewards of their work, providing information on necessary skills, educational credentials, and personal qualities.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Finance – Money, they say, makes the world go around. But who keeps all those daily transactions moving, and how do they do it? Let a group of finance pros do the explaining with this program on the Finance Career Cluster!As your students watch, they’ll discover that wealth management specialists, accountants, bank managers, and stockbrokers are all linked by one common thread: the management of assets. Lifelong learning is stressed as these finance professionals share their knowledge about their areas of expertise.Click here to view a video clip.

Viewing time: 22-23 minutes per video. Closed-captioned. 2007. Can purchase each video separately or the set of four videos. The series is available in DVD or 3-year Streaming formats, or both. Please see the Product Options box above for prices.

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