Career Clusters 3 (DVDs)


In this series, people from diverse fields share their experience and advice about the jobs they’ve chosen and how they got them.

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#9687  With the programs in this series, you can host a job fair in your classroom any day of the year. In this series, people from diverse fields share their experience and advice about the jobs they’ve chosen and how they got them. Career fields include:

  • The Arts, Audio-Visual Technology and Communications – Here’s a place where your students can turn their creativity into a career. This program looks at opportunities to design, produce, exhibit, perform, write, or publish in a variety of media, including theater, film, textiles, newspapers, radio, and television.Real-world insights into this cluster are provided through interviews with a cable TV broadcast engineer, newspaper reporter, professional actor, commercial artist, and a TV director/producer.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Hospitality and Tourism – The hospitality and tourism cluster is all about providing food, lodging, and entertainment to people when they’re away from home. This program provides an inside track on what the work is like by talking to a travel agent, hotel manager, baker, and waitress.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Architecture and Construction – With over 13 million jobs in the U.S. alone, this cluster of careers is simply huge. The program offers a sense of how wide-ranging the opportunities can be by looking at the educational and training requirements, as well as the actual work of an architect, plumber, electrician, and construction and building inspector.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Human Services – Because it’s all about interacting with and helping other people, the Human Services Cluster is also where some of the most personally rewarding careers can be found. This program shows what Human Services has to offer by spotlighting several diverse jobs in the field.A preschool teacher, clinical psychologist, social worker, and cosmetologist discuss what they love about their jobs and what they did to get started.Click here to view a video clip.

Viewing time: 20-24 minutes per video. Closed-captioned. 2004. Can purchase each video separately or the set of four videos. The series is available in DVD or 3-year Streaming formats, or both. Please see the Product Options box above for prices.

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