Career Clusters 2 (DVDs)


Discusses jobs and the kinds of skills and training needed in the fields of transportation, distribution & logistics; law, public safety and security; agriculture, food and natural resources; and manufacturing.

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#9688  What’s a better way to find out about a career than by talking to someone who works in the profession? In each of these four programs, men and women with valuable experience talk about their jobs and the kinds of skills and training they needed to successfully acquire them in the fields of:

  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics – So much of life really comes down to moving things. So it’s no surprise how many different career paths this cluster offers. In this program, people who work in various occupations discuss their jobs, as well as the education and training they needed to acquire them.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Law, Public Safety and Security – To serve and protect – whether as a paralegal, EMT, police officer, or in a host of other roles – that’s what the challenging occupations program mean. It profiles a number of men and women who work in these fields, highlighting how they got started in terms of training and education.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources – If providing food and making the world a little greener sound like appealing goals, this fact-filled program will point out and explore many of the appropriate occupations by talking with men and women who work in careers in this cluster.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Manufacturing – From choosing raw materials to designing assembly processes to inspecting the final product, the Manufacturing Cluster is the place where things get made. This program goes inside the diverse world of manufacturing by presenting the career profiles of a number of people who hold different jobs there.Click here to view a video clip.

Viewing time: 18-22 minutes per video. Closed-captioned. 2004. Can purchase each video separately or the set of four videos. The series is available in DVD or 3-year Streaming formats, or both. Please see the Product Options box above for prices.

This item is part of the Complete Career Clusters Series (16 DVDs).




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