Career Clusters 1 (DVDs)


Real people talk about their careers in education; health services; information technology services; and scientific, engineering and technical services.

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#6097  In this four-part DVD series, men and women discuss the background requirements as well as the rewards of their respective careers in:

  • Education and Training – Careers in education are not only rewarding for those who pursue them but vital to society as a whole. Without educators and teachers, there would be no doctors, plumbers, lawyers, or electricians.This video presents four distinct occupations in the field: elementary teachers, teacher’s aides, administrators, and librarians. People working in these jobs discuss their responsibilities and what each position requires in terms of training and academic credentials.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Health Services – Aside from doctors and dentists, there is a wide range of health service occupations, from paramedics on the “front lines” of accidents and illness to therapists assisting a patient’s full recovery. This program looks at the required training, qualifications, and licensing for emergency medical technicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, and dental hygienists.The video also points out the differences between a dietetic technician and a dietician as well as a licensed practical nurse and a registered practical nurse. Health care professionals in all these positions talk about the rewards of their chosen careers.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Information Technology Services – It has been called the information age, and there is no doubt that for the foreseeable future those who know how to work with computers will be in great demand in the job market. In this video, people employed in the field as computer engineers, computer programmers, systems analysts, and database administrators discuss the skills and educational background needed for their careers.Click here to view a video clip.
  • Scientific, Engineering and Technical Services – Whether it is a computer screen or an airplane engine or a bridge, someone has to decide how big it will be and how it will work. The men and women in the scientific, engineering, and technical services field create the designs and draw up the plans that determine how things will be built.This program will offer insights into the jobs of a civil engineer, an electronics technician, a hazardous waste technician, and a water and liquid waste treatment plant and systems operator.Click here to view a video clip.

Viewing time: 16-18 minutes per video. Closed-captioned. 2002. Can purchase each video separately or the set of four videos. The series is available in DVD or 3-year Streaming formats, or both.

This item is part of the Complete Career Clusters Series (16 videos).




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