Career and Tech Ed GOE (DVD)


Twelve career clusters on one DVD, perfect for high school students.

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#6646. This menu-driven DVD provides an overview of the aptitudes, skills, job functions, tools, and career options typically needed for each of the 12 career paths/clusters.

In addition, a video snapshot of each career path includes general education and preparation along with a list of recommended high school and college classes.

This is an excellent career exploration and planning resource. Each career snapshot is approximately six minutes and provides interviews with professionals in the field; for example, a state patrole officer, a customer service director at a large hotel, a human resource professional, a cable news anchor, a micro biologist, and more.

This program will challenge students to think about career options in a practical light as they begin to explore their options in terms of values, and common personality characteristics. The clusters/career paths include:

  • Business Detail Careers
  • Protective Careers
  • Industrial Careers
  • Sales Careers
  • Plant & Animal Careers
  • Physical Performing Careers
  • Humanitarian Careers
  • Artistic Careers
  • Accommodating Careers
  • Scientific Career
  • Mechanical Career
  • Leading & Influencing Careers
One DVD for $299.00; class pack of 10 DVDs for $399.00; or class pack of 20 DVDs for $499.00. Approximately 75 minutes. 2008.

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