Cage Your Rage Workbook: An Inmate’s Guide to Anger Control (for adults) (2nd Edition)


This self-study workbook, now in a new edition, is designed to help offenders who have difficulty dealing with anger.

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ISBN 978-1-56991-277-5

By Murray C. Cullen, Ph.D.

#2908  The most widely used anger and rage management resource in correctional institutions – the perfect rehabilitation resource for inmates in prisons, jails, and detention centers.

This powerful self-study workbook helps offenders better manage their anger and aggression. As such, it contributes to a more stable institutional population which, in turn, results in a more secure facility.

Cage Your Rage examines what anger is, explains its causes, and offers ways of managing it – a valuable tool for both inmates serving time within an institution and parolees entering the community. The book is organized into an introduction, five interactive chapters, and an afterward. The chapters are

  • Anger – Past and Present
  • Anger and Aggression/Violence
  • What Causes Anger?
  • How to Manage Your Anger
  • A New Chapter in Your Life!

Includes examples, assessments, suggested readings, a bibliography, and more more.

125 pages. Softcover. 2013. Available in English only. (The Spanish edition is 1997.) $25.00. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $225.00; 50 copies for $1,037.50; 100 copies for $2,000.00; 1,000 copies for $18,750.00.

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