C.A.G.E. the Rage (DVD & SV)


Teaches how to deal with conflicts, leading to a positive outcome, and promotes an attitude of self-control and self-responsibility.

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#383  Calm down, Assess the situation, Gauge alternatives, and Empower yourself by choosing how to react: that’s the way to safely C.A.G.E. the rage.

Viewers of this program will:

  1. See how to identify anger in themselves and those around them.
  2. Understand why mismanaged anger is so destructive.
  3. Discover how anger gets repressed, and the bodily and mental illnesses that may result from it.
  4. Learn how to release anger and express emotions in an acceptable and positive way using the C.A.G.E. method.

Scenarios in which viewers model first unhealthy and then healthy behaviors make this video a particularly effective teaching tool.

Candid interviews with experts and teens are also included. Appropriate for middle and high school.

Viewing time: 23 minutes. Closed-captioned. © 2007.

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  • 3-Year Streaming Video Subscription for $99.95 + FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING
  • DVD + Streaming Video for $179.95 + FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING

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