Bullies (DVD)


Explains how to confront and counter bullying in the nation’s schools, and includes candid interviews with students.

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#5964. In the United States, an estimated 1.6 million students in grades six through ten are bullied one or more times per week – and as many as 150,000 victims cut classes each day just to avoid it.

In this program, Dr. James Shaw, author of Jack and Jill: Why They Kill, explains how to confront and counter bullying in the nation’s schools.

Candid interviews with bullied students including Evan Ramsey, convicted of killing his school’s principal and a classmate, as well as with two reformed bullies – one male, one female – provide a wide-ranging peer perspective on school violence.

Students also share their successes as part of anti-bullying and peer mediation programs in their schools.

Viewing time: 18 min. Closed-captioned. 2002. Purchase options: DVD, 3-year Streaming, or DVD and 3-year Streaming.

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This item is part of Taking a Stand: The Bullying Prevention Series.

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