Building Trades II: 20-Program Collection (Videos)


This 20-program educational DVD collection is a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to learn how to construct a building from the ground up.

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#7097  Building a house is a demanding and complicated business. And as homes become even more sophisticated Рand complex Рthe demands placed on builders will become even greater.
For students planning on entering the building trades, mastering many different skills while keeping an eye on the big picture has never been more challenging.
This 20-program series brings it all together. It offers your students a comprehensive overview of the home construction process while each individual program features step-by-step directions that will help them master specific skill sets.

And correlation to standards means they’re getting the information they need to succeed in the classroom and, later on, in their careers.

Beginning with design and estimating, through laying the foundation, all the way to installing the finishing trim, students watch skilled tradespeople model the techniques that they’ll use in the field.
In addition to detailed skill-based instruction, students will learn about:
  • Industry-standard techniques for estimating materials
  • Exciting new trends in foundations, framing, and other phases of construction
  • Identifying the appropriate material for different applications
  • How the trades work together to construct a home
Click here to view a video clip of the series.
Viewing time is 12-19 minutes each. Has Spanish narration with English subtitles and English narration with Spanish subtitles. 2007. Can purchase each program separately for $79.95. SPECIAL: The complete series for $1,599.00 in either DVD format or 3-Year Subscription Streaming Video.
20 videos in series include:
  • Design and Planning
  • Construction Estimating: Industry Standards
  • Location and Excavating: Site Preparation
  • Foundations
  • Introduction to Framing
  • Floor and Wall Framing
  • Ceiling and Roof Framing
  • Framing for Rough-Ins
  • Alternative Framing Techniques
  • Wall and Roof Sheathing
  • Frames: Doors and Windows
  • Thermal Insulation and Vapor Barriers
  • Ventilation
  • Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish
  • Interior Doors, Frame, and Trim
  • Plumbing: Rough-In and Final
  • Electrical: Rough-In and Final
  • Mechanicals: Rough-In and Final
  • Flooring Coverings
  • Roofing, Siding, and Finishing





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