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Individuals expecting to make more than $100,000 a year need to craft a very special resume that commands attention

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ISBN: 1-57023-168-0

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By Wendy S. Enelow

Individuals expecting to make more than $100,000 a year need to craft a very special resume that commands attention and high salaries from employers. They must clearly communicate to prospective employers that they are the #1 candidate deserving serious consideration and an invitation to a job interview.

Above all, successful $100,000+ resume writers master the art of writing right. Possessing the right combination of writing and presentation skills, they know what’s most important to include as well as exclude on their resume. They know how to best:

  • formulate an objective
  • summarize their career
  • present their professional experience
  • describe their core competencies
  • market their achievements
  • highlight education and affiliations
  • promote honors and awards
  • produce a perfect visual presentation

Presenting 100 examples of resumes, the author shares her secrets of writing resumes that have actually led to $100,000+++ jobs for her many high-powered clients. A visual feast of outstanding resumes, this rich collection is organized by key professions.

Examine these resumes and you’ll quickly discover what strategies others use in developing resumes that stand out from the crowd. You, too, may join this select group of quality professionals who clearly communicate their qualifications to top employers worldwide. 284 pages. 8.5 x 11. 2001.



  • Writing Your Best Resume
  • Creating a Powerful Resume
  • Building Your Best Resume
  • Best Resume Samples
  • Appendix A: Job Search, Career Management, Coaching, Counseling, Resume Writing & Other Career Resources
  • Appendix B: Resume Preparation Forms
  • Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past decade, as the U.S. economy has undergone dramatic and long-lasting changes, the business world has globalized and the employment market become more competitive, resume writing has evolved into a much more complex and more sophisticated process.

No longer is it sufficient to type a brief listing of your work history and academic credentials. Remember the days when you prepared your resume in this fashion, passed it along to a few business associates, and mailed a handful in response to advertisements? Within a week you were interviewing and within 2-3 weeks you were working.

If you remember that, forget it! The times have changed and the market has changed. Today, resume writing is a competition among often very well qualified candidates vying for a limited number of opportunities.

For that reason alone, resume writing has evolved into an art where you, as the artist, must transition a blank canvas into a work of art that displays your talents, knowledge, expertise, and success.

Showcase Your Talents & Strengths

A resume is the foundation for any successful search campaign and, in fact, it is virtually impossible to manage a job search without a resume. It is your calling card, your brochure, your marketing document. People look at it and are impressed with you and what you have accomplished.

You mail it, you email it, you fax it, you hand-carry it, and you leave it behind after an interview so people have something to remember you by. Your resume is crucial in building market visibility and ultimately facilitating job search success.

To understand the value of your resume to your job search process, it is best to start with a clear definition of what a resume is. It is defined as:

  • A “sales” document that clearly and succinctly communicates your professional skills, qualifications, knowledge, success, and industry expertise.
  • A tool designed to sell the high points of your career – your successes and achievements.
  • A document that demonstrates the value you bring to a prospective employer.
  • A visual presentation that communicates an executive image.

A resume is not:

  • A biography of your entire career, every job you have ever held, every internship you have ever completed, and every course you have ever attended.
  • A document containing lengthy job descriptions and lists of duties and responsibilities.
  • A passive, low-energy, and narrative summary of your work history.

Today’s Competitive $100,000+ Resume

Above is a precise outline of what a resume is and is not. Common sense would have it that if you followed that outline, you’d know precisely what to do. However, as an executive job seeker, you face unique challenges in developing, writing, and designing a resume that will position you for a $100,000+ position.

What is it that makes your resume so very different from others? What must you do to competitively position your resume and make it get noticed in the crowd of other qualified candidates? What makes your resume so special and so unique? The answers are straightforward:

  • $100,000+ resumes are marketing tools, written to “sell” a job seeker into his or her next position.
  • $100,000+ resumes are dynamic, distinctive, and hard-hitting.
  • $100,000+ resumes present a clear and concise picture of “who” the job search candidate is.
  • $100,000+ resumes are sharp and upscale in their visual presentation.
  • $100,000+ resumes focus on success and achievement.
  • $100,000+ resumes clearly communicate the value of a job seeker.
  • $100,000+ resumes highlight the experiences, qualifications, and knowledge that make each candidate unique.

Most significantly, the writing, tone, style, and presentation of a $100,000+ resume must be superb. The wording must be aggressive and the presentation top-of-the-line. The impression it leaves the reader with must be that of an accomplished and successful executive who has delivered strong results and demonstrated outstanding leadership skills.

The resume must communicate “I bring value to you and to your organization.” If you are ever going to “toot your own horn,” this is the time to do it!

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