Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders DVDs: 98 Occupations That Can Transform Lives


This unique 12-DVD series goes a long way in addressing the lack of knowledge ex-offenders have about occupations open to them. It includes video clips of 98 ex-offender-friendly occupations.

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#9316  While ex-offenders are excluded from some occupations, especially ones dealing with sensitive security, finance, and health care issues, many other occupations are relatively open to ex-offenders. Indeed, occupations in the building, transportation, moving, and mechanical/repair trades often welcome rehabilitated, skilled, enthusiastic, and promising ex-offenders to their ranks.
Crime in America is largely a young persons activity. And most young ex-offenders lack legitimate work experience and knowledge of today’s job market. Once released from prison or jail, they often flounder in the job market, unable to find a good job. They need basic knowledge about various occupations relevant to their interests, skills, and abilities as well as a better understanding of the nature of work and various occupations that make up today’s challenging work world.
This unique 12-DVD series goes a long way in addressing the basic knowledge issue for ex-offenders. It includes video clips of 98 ex-offender-friendly occupations, which are part of Impact Publications’s popular Careers for the 21st Century Video Library.
Each DVD features 8-9 occupations, with related activities, responsibilities, skills, aptitudes, wages/salaries, outlook, education, training, rewards, and challenges. Nearly 6 minutes is devoted to each occupation (46-54 minutes per DVD or 10 hours total viewing time). Includes both English and Spanish language tracks.
The package comes with one free copy of the related bestselling ex-offender re-entry book by Ronald L. Krannich, Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders: 101 Opportunities to Jump-Start Your New Life). Can purchase the DVDs separately for $95.00 each. SPECIALS: $995.00 for all 12 DVDs (save $145.00!); 5 sets (60 DVDs) for $4,699.00.
  1. Administration and Management Occupations (50 minutes)
  2. Building Trades (46 minutes)
  3. Business and Administration Support Occupations (52 minutes)
  4. Computer Occupations (50 minutes)
  5. Health Assessment and Treating Occupations (45 minutes)
  6. Health Service Occupations (50 minutes)
  7. Marketing and Sales Occupations (51 minutes)
  8. Mechanics and Repairers (54 minutes)
  9. Media and Arts Occupations (50 minutes)
  10. Personal and Building Services Occupations (50 minutes)
  11. Production Occupations (49 minutes)
  12. Transportation and Material Moving Occupations (48 minutes)

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1 set of 12 videos, 5 sets of 12 videos, Administration/Management, Building Trades, Business/Administration Support, Computer, Health Assessment/Treating, Health Service, Marketing/Sales, Mechanics/Repairers, Media/Arts, Personal/Building Services, Production, Transportation/Material Moving


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