Best Career Transition Resumes for $100,000+ Jobs


This unique resume guide is for professionals making more than $100,000 a year, who wish to make a career change.

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ISBN: 1-57023-237-7

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By Wendy S. Enelow

In today’s job market, most professionals expect to hold seven to ten jobs throughout their careers. Some also wish to pursue new careers as their interests, skills, and goals change.

But making a career change is especially challenging for individuals expecting to earn over $100,000 a year. After all, who wants to hire someone at a top salary in a field where they may have little or no experience?

America’s top executive resume writer shows how professionals can best present their experience in order to make a career change. This unique resume guide includes more than 70 examples of professionals who successfully made career changes into a variety of fields, such as sales, marketing, education, technology, C-level positions, health care, nonprofits, government, and others.

It also includes resumes for transitioning out of self-employment and for moving from a military career to the civilian sector.

Focusing on the language of accomplishments, transferable skills, and keywords appropriate for different occupational fields, the author presents a powerful compendium of resumes that have opened new doors to job interviews and offers for many professionals.

This book also covers the entire resume writing, production, and distribution process. Readers learn:

  • What a resume is and is not
  • 3 kinds of resume formats
  • 3 types of resume presentations
  • 10 rules of resume writing
  • Top 20 resume writing mistakes to avoid
  • Top 15 resume production and distribution mistakes to avoid

Best Career Transition Resumes for $100,000+ Jobs also includes useful worksheets for identifying skills, qualifications, knowledge, career achievements, career goals, and more. It describes each resume section as well as gives examples of how to best write the section.

An appendix contains addresses and contact information for the professional resume writers who contributed the outstanding career transition resumes in the book.

262 pages. 8.5 x 11. Softcover. September 2005.


  1. The Essentials of Resume Writing
  2. Dissecting Career Transition Resumes
  3. Building Your “Best” Career Transition Resume
  4. Best Resumes for Transitioning Into Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations Careers
  5. Best Resumes for Transitioning Into Finance, Administration, and Human Resource Careers
  6. Best Resumes for Transitioning Into C-Level Positions and Opportunities
  7. Best Resumes for Transitioning Into Technology Careers
  8. Best Resumes for Transitioning Into Training and Education Careers
  9. Best Resumes for Transitioning Into Health Care Careers
  10. Best Resumes for Transitioning Into Nonprofit, Government, and Association Careers
  11. Best Resumes for Transitioning Into Consulting Careers
  12. Best Resumes for Transitioning Out of Consulting and Entrepreneurial Careers
  13. Best Resumes for Transitioning From Military to Civilian Careers

If you are in career transition, this book is your key to writing and designing a best-in-class career transition resume – a resume that highlights the skills, experience, knowledge, qualifications, and achievements which you have acquired that are transferable to your new career. With a powerful career transition resume in hand, you’ll be poised for remarkable career performance and success.

THE AUTHOR: Wendy S. Enelow is a recognized leader in the executive job search, career coaching, and resume writing fields who has written more than 20 career books.


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