Best 100 Web Sites for HR Professionals


Savvy human resource professionals are quickly embracing the Internet as one of the most valuable tools for managing their work

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ISBN: 1-57023-130-3

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By Ray Schreyer and John McCarter

Savvy human resource professionals are quickly embracing the Internet as one of the most valuable tools for managing their work and for improving their overall effectiveness in today’s talent-powered corporate world. Increasingly under pressure to produce results for management, they recognize how important it is to have a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining a talented workforce. The Internet can dramatically improve one’s competitive advantage by creating a level playing field between large and small companies.

The Internet has become the HR professional’s best friend in today’s talent wars. However, it also presents numerous challenges for those who are not full-time Internet specialists. Indeed, the Internet is a vast smorgasbord of information. Many HR professionals become overwhelmed with so many websites proclaiming to be “the best” or they lack information on which websites are potentially the most useful for their specific needs.

Here’s the book that cuts through the hype in identifying today’s best online HR resources. Analyzing 100 major sites, as well as identifying more than 700 additional sites by major categories, this unique guide helps users quickly find clear, precise, and up-to-date answers to their HR questions. Professionals need to find accurate HR data online, without getting lost in the abyss of resources. They need to know where to find different recruiting services, legal information, tips on salary administration, and much more. Designed to help readers get results fast, this informative reference guide:

  • Shows where to start an online search
  • Directs users to the best HR sites
  • Organizes popular sites into 10 key categories
  • Identifies special features of each site
  • Includes a list of 700+ recruitment sites

While the Internet offers a world of information, knowing where in the cyber-world to find the most useful information is always a challenge. With The Best 100 Web Sites for HR Professionals, the task of filtering the mediocre from the merely good and the outstanding has become much easier. Best of all, HR professionals will save a great deal of time and money as they enhance their overall effectiveness with this guide to the best of the Web. They, too, can gain a competitive advantage by mobilizing the best of the best HR Internet resources. 160 pages. 6 x 9. 2000. Retail price: $13.95. SALE PRICE: $7.00!


  • Benefits Internet Sites
  • General Internet Sites
  • HR Tools Internet Sites
  • Legal & Regulatory Internet Sites
  • OD/Change Management Internet Sites
  • Professional Internet Sites
  • Recruiting Internet Sites
  • Relocation Internet Sites
  • Salary Administration Internet Sites
  • Training/Career Development Internet Sites
  • Appendix: 700+ Recruiting Sites



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